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Chapter 1: Best Practices for Environmen... > Bigger is Better - Pg. 22

Best Practices for Environmental Project Teams 11 Many Government ER Service Providers Remedial Project Managers (RPMs) and regulatory agencies had very high document quality expectations that arose from the era of gold-plated study documents. Consequently, most Contractors, feeling the pain of their award fee downgrades, began to hire away professional geologists, engineers, and chemists and Contractors engaged in studies. They desperately needed to build a staff of scientists and professionals who could write design-build project works plans and other technical documents. Bigger Is Better The DoD ER push to accelerate site cleanup fed the Contractor desire for "bigness". Bigger technology was better. Bigger technology meant faster and cheaper site cleanup. Bigger meant more yellow-iron, bigger Soil Vapor Extraction Systems, and bigger thermal treatment units. It did not take long for everyone to realize that bigger was not better, and meant a bigger bust when technologies underperformed. Many erroneous technical assumptions were routinely made regarding site conditions that decreased technology effectiveness. In the pursuit of accelerated cleanup, many Contractors constructed full-scale remedial