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Lessons Learned and Best Practice Recomm... > Screen New Employee Candidates for T... - Pg. 170

Develop Superior Project Work Plans 159 4. Design your Task Order RFPs to link payments, incentives, and disincentives (i.e. penalties) with technical document quality. You need to be in a position of strength to influence Contractors. Lessons Learned and Best Practice Recommendations for Contractors What can your Company Program Management Office (PMO) and project teams do to avoid a technical document quality crisis on your environmental restoration programme and projects? How can your Company elevate competency to the extent that technical document quality will become a valuable proposal discriminator? The previous section provided many clues that will be described during the remainder of this chapter, and did not address other important needs such as the first item to be covered in the next section. Screen New Employee Candidates for Their Technical Writing Skills Contractors need to implement a method to evaluate and screen all technical professional