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Project Correspondence Log > Assist Analytical Laboratories With SharePoint - Pg. 101

90 Chapter 4 folders just like other folders in your personal computer hard drive. And if your hard drive crashes, you do not lose any files being maintained in your web folders. Most project team members do not know that SharePoint websites can be mapped to Windows "My Network Places" and be displayed as web folders on their personal computer. The people most relieved are those who prefer using network drives. How do you "map" a SharePoint project website to "My Network Places"? With Windows XP? It takes about 1 min. It is set up like this: Visit the website home page and right-click to copy the web address. Minimize open applications to expose your computer desktop and click on the My Network Places icon. Click "Add a Network Place". Paste the website address in the field. Click Next and Finish. The project website is now displayed as web folders organized alphabetically under your My Network Places. It looks and functions like other file folders on your computer, except these web folders are on the web server that host your project team website. Assist Analytical Laboratories with SharePoint In our environmental industry, project team members who stand the most to gain in terms of increasing productivity and decreasing project cost from using project websites are those who develop, manage, and exchange analytical laboratory reports. The volume of hardcopy laboratory reports on some projects could fill a garage. Some analytical laboratories spend a substantial amount of money creating lab report hardcopies and creating CDs for delivery. They spend thousands of dollars each month using couriers and express mail delivery firms deliver lab reports. A single lab report hard copy reproduction charge, compounded by the express delivery charge, would likely cover the entire first year of renting the SharePoint site. If you work at a lab, the next time your Company has a Suggestion Box contest, suggest a SharePoint website to deliver lab reports to clients. You might win a prize like an Apple I-Pod for saving them enough money to pay your annual salary. The project staff who exchange lab reports tend to be heavy users of the My Network Places web folder option. Partner with Your Government RPM to Provide Private Web Pages to Regulatory Agencies Some Contractor project managers and Government RPMs project manager are starting to realize that a project website can help develop trust with regulatory agencies, keep regulatory agencies informed, and expedite document reviews and comment resolution. The regulatory agency individual has access rights and permissions that apply to a specific web page. This is how to set the stage is for effective partnering and efficiency. You meet your regulatory agency representative at a project kickoff meeting hosted by your Government RPM. They include their name, e-mail address, and mobile phone on the sign-up sheet. After the meeting you send her an e-mail with a username and password to their project support web page. The e-mail