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Chapter 11: Week 1: Launch the Affiliate... > Wednesday: Develop a Direct-Contact ... - Pg. 227

ShareASale Affiliate Recruitment Opportunities (Continued) be located under the Tools menu in your merchant account. Out of all of them, I have personally found the "Featured Program of the Week" and the "Holiday Center" inclusions to yield the high- est click-to-sign-up conversion (more than 25 percent and more than 50 percent, respectively). 227 W E D N E S DAY: D E V E L O P A D I R E C T- C O N TAC T R E C RU I T M E N T S T R AT E G Y Wednesday: Develop a Direct-Contact Recruitment Strategy Today I'll talk about affiliate recruitment in more detail, focusing on a highly effective approach to it--contacting prospective affiliates directly. A friend and fellow affiliate marketer, Mark Welch, once wrote that "The single most important source of successful affiliates is a direct invitation from the program manager to the site owner or advertising manager" ("Affiliate Recruitment Strategies and Practices," I fully concur with Mark.