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Chapter 12: Week 2: Plan Your Affiliate ... > Thursday: Launch Social-Media Effort... - Pg. 256

June 2003 Harvard Business Review on Motivating People compilation of articles on the topic) where the author wrote that to motivate others effectively, managers must have "a clear, unbiased understanding of the situation at hand, deep insights into the vagaries of human nature, the establishment of appropriate and reasonable expecta- tions and goals, and the constructions of a balance set of...incentives." Fryer also pro- posed several practical techniques to make one a better motivator. Out of the ones she listed, the immediately relevant ones for affiliate program managers are as follows: · · · · · · 256 O M M U N I C AT I O N S tart with the truth. A ppeal to greatness. M ake them proud. S tick to your values. P rovide a constant and consistent communication channel. B uild trust. C are for the little guy. S et different incentive levels. · · I will be returning to some of these principles in the following chapters but would like to emphasize that caring for the little guy and setting different (and reach- able) incentive levels are extremely important. I'll discuss these more in Chapters 14,