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Tuesday: Study Contingency Theory > Tuesday: Study Contingency Theory - Pg. 293

task and relationship" (Stroh, Northcraft, and Neale, Organizational Behavior: A Management Challenge, Taylor and Francis, 3rd Ed, 2001). The bell-shaped curve in Figure 14.4 is "called prescriptive curve because it shows the appropriate leadership style" corresponding to the predetermining "level of followers' maturity" (Dwivedi, Organizational Culture and Performance, 1995, p. 114). , and J ohnson , d. M AnAgeMent of o rgAnizAtionAl B ehAvior : U tilizing h UMAn r eSoUrCeS , 1996. LEADER STYLE (HIGH) Share ideas and facilitate in decision making. Explain decisions and provide opportunity for clarification. PAR TIC IPA TIN G SE LL ING (Supportive Behavior) RELATIONSHIP BEHAVIOR S3 S2 293 T U E S DAY: S T U DY LE GA TIN G G LIN TEL