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Monday: Understand What KPIs and Metrics... > Monday: Understand What KPIs and Met... - Pg. 330

Monday: Understand What KPIs and Metrics to Focus On When analyzing your program's performance, you want to clearly understand what key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics are to be measured and focused on. You will start by looking at the KPIs that will be helpful both to merchants with affiliate programs that are managed by an in-house or external affiliate manager and to affiliate program managers themselves. KPIs for Advertisers/Merchants Let's look at affiliate program performance through the eyes of a merchant who looks both at the affiliate program performance and at the performance of the program's manager. When analyzing how well your affiliate program is doing, especially how well it is managed, I recommend focusing on the following performance indicators: 330 O P T I M I Z AT I O N Affiliates Recruited I recommend breaking this KPI down into three parts: · T he number of new affiliates recruited into your program (within any given period of time) · · T he quality of the websites they run (measured by traffic rank, demograph- ics, niche focus, and so on) T he type of affiliate (refer to Chapter 1, "Understanding Affiliate