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Chapter 18: Affiliate Program Promotion Ideas > Activation Incentives - Pg. 389

will end up with a good selection of articles you could post around the Internet. It is a known fact that submission of articles to various ezines and directories helps you with the search engine optimization of your own website. It is an excellent incentive for you to run a continuous Free Content Help campaign for your affiliates. Write one article a week and publish it on the Internet, giving your affiliates access to it, too. At the end of the year you will have 52 articles published all around the Web, helping you with your search engine positions and also sending you visitors. In addition, you will have all of these articles available for affiliates to use on their websites. It's important to restrict your Free Content Help campaign by a condition that affiliates can publish your articles only at their own websites so that you and your affil- iates do not end up publishing them in the same online directories and ezines. Activation Incentives Affiliate activation is a topic that deserves special attention (see Chapters 12, "Week 2: Plan Your Affiliate Communication," and 14, "Week 4: Affiliate Motivation"), because it is a well-known problem for every affiliate manager. I do not know of a single affiliate program that has at least one-third of all affiliates sending hits and sales. The reality is normally as dreadful as already mentioned--less than one-sixth of all affiliates that any given program has on board are actively contributing to the life of the program. Let me give you practical examples of two activation incentives that I use daily: cash giveaways 389 AC T I VAT I O N I N C