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Chapter 6: Week 4: Finalize Payment Mode... > Friday: Finalize Overall Payment Ter... - Pg. 104

Friday: Finalize Overall Payment Terms The key program terms you should get finalized by the end of this week are all related to governing your affiliate payments. There are six, as covered in the following sec- tions. You will want to document them all--both for yourself and for your affiliates. You will need these notes for the affiliate program agreement, which you will develop prior to having your program go live. Qualifying Action Be it buying a product, filling out a lead form, or anything else, define the qualifying action as clearly as possible. There should be no misunderstanding between you and your affiliates on what exactly they will be compensated for. Also, having reviewed descriptions of several affiliate programs run by estab- lished brands, I've noticed that some of them state they will reward affiliates only for "new and unique" customers. I am strongly against such an approach. These mer- chants are pushing away thousands of affiliates in the prerecruitment phase just by having this policy in place. In fact, this is just one silly affiliate marketing policy to have. Why? Let's go back to Figure 2.5 in Chapter 2. Close to 72 percent of respon- dents said that they will shop around again before making their next purchase even after receiving satisfactory service from a merchant. Therefore, merchants that run affiliate programs should compensate every sale equally--or even offer an additional 104 N D C O O K I E L I F E