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Part I: History, Terminology, and Introd... > Chapter 2: Budget, Payments, and Rel... - Pg. 19

Budget, Payments, and Related Considerations In this chapter, you'll look at the financial com- ponent of your affiliate program, learning the answers to such questions as these: What invest- 2 ment will be required to get it all rolling? What compensation models are most popular, and how are other advertisers using them? What happens if invalid sales/leads get referred? Additionally, this chapter will touch on the interaction between affiliate marketing and other online marketing channels you may be utilizing. 19 B U D G E T, PAY M E N T S , A N D R E L AT E D C O N S I D E R AT I O N S Chapter Contents Budgeting Performance-Based Models Interaction with Other Channels Reversal Policies and Related Considerations