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About This Book Why Is This Topic Important? Sales professionals provide the cash flow that keeps a company healthy and growing. Yet too many of them are either untrained or are using sales approaches that were developed thirty to forty years ago. Add to this the concern that buyers are more savvy than ever, and leaders of sales teams must always look at the latest information on what really works today in selling. Sales executives, managers, and training team members can together create potent sales training that offers a clear competitive advantage in their market. What Can You Achieve with This Book? This book is actually a working resource of best practices in sales training. It is a tool kit for helping trainers, consultants, and sales managers improve the performance of each member of the selling team. The ultimate purpose of this book is to help senior sales executives and their internal or external training partners to redesign existing training. The book includes stories and humor to set up each learning module. There are learning activities to help salespeople practice, then adapt new behaviors that lead to increased revenue for both the individual and the company. The stories can be used to reinforce learning after the fact by putting them in email reminders or publishing them as articles in corporate newsletters. Sales trainers will find the exercises to be an excellent addition to their knowledge and experience as they build better training programs for their organizations. How Is This Book Organized? The opening section, Preparing the Sales Pro to Sell, gives a definition of world class sales profes- sionals and reinforces the critical need to adopt and implement a selling system. Part Two, Training the Sales Pro to Sell, offers all the pieces of the sales puzzle, the key elements of a great selling system. Part Three, Training the Sales Pro to Improve Performance, covers individual practices and behaviors for a salesperson that increase the power of the system. Finally, a struc- ture is given to re-create your existing training experience. This includes key concerns as well as some insights on the option of buying, as opposed to designing your sales training.