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Chapter 2: Virtual Filmmaking with Autod... > Using the Camera Sequencer

Using the Camera Sequencer

The Camera Sequencer is a nonlinear editing interface that allows you to stitch together multiple camera views into a single sequence. The Camera Sequencer editing interface itself is similar to editing interfaces found in video editing and compositing programs but instead of editing a sequence of images, the Camera Sequencer edits the animation of cameras in an existing 3D scene. This allows you to work out the timing of shots in a scene without having to render any images.

This exercise will demonstrate the basic functions of the Camera Sequencer:

  1. Open the scene from the Chapter 2 folder on this book's companion DVD.
  2. In the perspective viewport, choose Panels images Saved Layouts images Persp/Camera Sequencer (see Figure 2.41).


    FIGURE 2.41 Choose the Persp/Camera Sequencer layout preset.

    The Camera Sequencer interface appears at the bottom, below the persp view. Notice that it has its own timeline. When you work with the Camera Sequencer, you do not need to move the playhead on the main Time Slider; in fact, this can get a little confusing when you first start using the sequencer, so it is not a bad idea to hide the Time Slider.


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