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Section A.10. Chapter 10

A.10. Chapter 10

A.10.1. Lesson 1

1. Correct: C
  1. Incorrect: The sandbox is specifically designed to run user solutions developed both in the local farm and also other farms.

  2. Incorrect: Developer involvement is not required. A user solution can be created by using the Save As Template tool in the SharePoint site.

  3. Correct: Site templates, created by users, are based on out-of-the-box templates, such as Blank Site or Team Site. There are language-specific versions of these templates. If the French version of the base template is not available in the North American SharePoint farm, the solution may not be functional after deployment.

  4. Incorrect: If all the required Web Parts were not available in the North American farm, the user solution would deploy successfully, although some functionality in Web Part pages may be missing.

  5. Incorrect: SharePoint can render InfoPath forms in the browser. It is not necessary for InfoPath forms to be installed on all clients.

2. Correct: A
  1. Correct: The master page can impose a consistent look and feel on every page in the site. This can include corporate branding.

  2. Incorrect: A workflow models a business process. It does not influence the look and feel of the site or impose branding.

  3. Incorrect: Although you could add the corporate branding to every Web Part page, this repetitive task can be avoided if you edit the master page instead.

  4. Incorrect: Although developers could add corporate branding to every Web Part, administrators and users cannot edit Web Parts. You may also wish to use these Web Parts elsewhere without the corporate branding.

  5. Incorrect: Site definitions are used by developers to package their solutions for deployment to other sites and farms. This solution was not created from a site definition.

A.10.2. Lesson 2

1. Correct Answer: D
  1. Incorrect: If the feature had farm scope and you were not a farm administrator, you could not have installed or activated the Feature at all.

  2. Incorrect: The Save As Template tool creates a solution file, not a feature.

  3. Incorrect: The – GACDeployment parameter is only available when you install farm solutions, not features.

  4. Correct: In a multi-server farm, a feature must be manually installed on all web front-end servers before it is available to all users all the time.

  5. Incorrect: Although solution files make deployment and installation easier, they are not required for deploying features.

2. Correct Answers: A and E
  1. Correct: User solutions can access data stored anywhere in the same site collection.

  2. Incorrect: User solutions cannot access data stored in any site collection other than the one where they are deployed.

  3. Incorrect: User solutions cannot access web services.

  4. Incorrect: User solutions cannot read or write data directly to the file system.

  5. Correct: User solutions can include master pages.


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