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Chapter 12. Monitoring and Optimizing Sh... > Lesson 4: Optimize Content Storage a...

12.5. Lesson 4: Optimize Content Storage and Access

So far in this chapter, you have seen techniques for monitoring and reporting on the health and performance of your SharePoint farm. If you want a fast system that responds quickly to user requests, these techniques are essential. The next stage is to take the information you have gained and use it to accelerate your servers. You can take two approaches to this task: first, you can upgrade the farm by adding servers, or by adding processors, memory, faster disks, and other resources to servers. In other words, you can upgrade by adding extra hardware. The performance data you now have enables you to choose the right hardware to resolve your bottlenecks. The second approach is to reconfigure SharePoint to optimize its use of the hardware it already has. You can do this by ensuring optimal use of hard disks, caches, and databases in your farm. The advantage to this approach is that it frequently can be completed without buying any extra hardware. It also ensures that you get the maximum value for money from the hardware you already have.

After this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Understand how resource throttling, BLOB storage, compression, and disposable objects can affect performance.

  • Describe the three types of caching that you can use to optimize performance.

  • Describe optimal disk configurations and storage locations for SharePoint components.

  • Optimize the SQL Servers that support your SharePoint farm.

Estimated Lesson Time: 60 minutes


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