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6 Using research professionals > SAVING MONEY ON FOCUS GROUP STUDIES - Pg. 57

Using research professionals 57 SAVING MONEY ON FOCUS GROUP STUDIES If asked, many moderators will work on an hourly basis and are more than happy to have you pay their field services directly or show you the written cost estimates they receive from the field services. In order to save money on your focus group projects here are a number of suggestions: 1. 2. Get competitive costs. Find at least two acceptable moderators and ask for fixed-price competitive quotes. Ask a third moderator what would be charged by working on an hourly basis. Have the moderator give you the actual written estimate from at least two focus group field services. Compare the fixed and hourly bids and be prepared for a pleasant surprise. Have both the fixed-cost and hourly moderators quote costs for both a full report and a brief summary. You can usually get 90 percent of what you need from a summary report, particularly if you view the focus groups yourself and take good notes. If the purpose of your focus group project is to help you write a more effective questionnaire for a follow-up survey, a full report should not be necessary. The moderator should lower fees by about $500 3.