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Characteristics of reward management > Characteristics of reward management - Pg. 8

8 Essentials of Reward Management in conjunction with one another to ensure that the contribution people make to achieving organizational, departmental and team goals is recognized and rewarded. It consists of a related set of activities that impinge and impact on all aspects of the business and the HRM practices within it. As White (2005) points out, in an integrated approach `each individual element of reward supports the other to reinforce organizational objectives.' Integration takes three forms: · · Strategic integration: the vertical integration of reward strategy with business strategy. HRM integration: the horizontal integration of reward strategies with other HR strate- gies, especially those concerned with high performance, engagement, talent manage- ment and learning and development. Reward integration: the internal integration of reward to ensure that its various aspects cohere and that a total reward philosophy is adopted that means a full range of mutu- ally supporting financial and non-financial rewards is used. · The integrated approach adopted by Aegon UK is: · Reward: market driven, with overall performance dictating rate of progress of salaries within broad bands rather then existing grades.