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Appendix 2: Time management format examples - Pg. 163

Appendix 2: Time management format examples The text in this book has conveyed the philosophy of time management, the attitudes and convictions that it demands, and how-to practical elements. To augment the last two points, it is often useful to use various formats to prompt and formalise your organisation. Earlier I advised caution in adopting proprietary systems: trying to shoehorn yourself into what is actually someone else's system and finding a mismatch. But there is a profusion of more flexible systems, Filofax, referred to previously, being probably the best known. Putting together a number of formats chosen (maybe after some experiment) because they suit you is most likely to give you something useful ­ and if you develop a good system you are more likely to develop good habits around it. Thus, in turn, you will continue to use the system in place and benefit from it on a daily basis. Whatever you do, and however you organise it (in everything from a traditional loose-leaf binder to a computer or PDA screen) such formats can bring discipline to your intentions and help you get a grip on your time and avoid the mess of reality. At this stage, having read the book and perhaps having selected and