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4 Changing your imagery > Staying focused (or goal) imagery - Pg. 95

95 Changing your Imagery It is important that Step 1 (known as `inaction' imagery) is visualised before Step 2 (known as `action' imagery), otherwise it is possible you may demotivate yourself, which is not the intention of the exercise! Motivation imagery has helped to change people's lives and pull them out of a boring, stressful rut into a new and exciting domain. Staying focused (or goal) imagery It is important when attempting to handle stress and maximise performance that you see further than the current crisis that may be occurring. Developing personal and work-related short-, medium- and long-term goals can be beneficial and help you to stay on track and move forward. Staying focused imagery also known as goal-focused imagery is a technique that will assist you to remember your goals on a daily basis (see Palmer and Puri, 2006). Activity 23 describes the process. Activity 23 Staying focused or goal imagery Choose which area you want to work on first; either personal/social or work/career-related goals. (Alternatively, you may wish to work on a mix of both personal and work-related goals simultaneously. We have suggested just working on one area at a time as our coachees have found this easier.) Now reflect upon what you want or need to achieve in the specific area from now onwards. Step 2 Develop realistic short-, medium- and long-term goals for your personal and/or work life. Note them down. Step 1