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4 20 numerical reasoning mini-tests - Pg. 95

95 Chapter 4 20 numerical reasoning mini-tests ven when we are really busy it is possible to find a spare 10 minutes to complete one of these mini tests. This chapter comprises 200 questions organized as 20 mini-tests. Each contains 10 multiple choice questions and you should complete them in 10 minutes. Use these tests to be sure of the very best start in a real graduate level data inter- pretation test. A good start is important in every test but it is especially important if you face a computer administered test because they are often computer adaptive. This means that the first question will be of the level that the `average' candidate should get right. The next question will be a bit harder and so on. But, and this is important, you have to get the first question right before the programme presents you with the harder questions. Keep getting the questions right and you will soon be following along branches into the upper percentiles rapidly leading to the level that will win you a place through to the next stage in the recruitment process. Get the first few questions wrong, however, and the computer adaptive test will present you with easier questions and you will struggle to achieve the level expected by many institutions. This adaptive process continues through the test so keep trying to get as many questions right as possible to maximize your chance of being awarded a winning score. E