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07 Happiness: Gen Y's adoration for bran... > How brands can tap into emotions - Pg. 189

Happiness: Gen Y's Adoration for Branded Emotions 189 Facial coding to detect emotions In Dan Hill's book Emotionomics. Leveraging emotions for business success, he explains that facial expressions are the most universal human way of expressing emotions. Even people born blind have the same expressions. These 23 different facial expressions correspond to the core emotions. Using webcams, Hill's company Sensory Logic analyses people's emotional responses ­ for instance to advertising ­ down to one thirtieth of a second. This allows the agency to measure the emotional engagement and profile of marketing stimuli and for- mulate advice to amend the material. Hill's facial measurement of `happiness' includes four different types of smiles: true smile: strong natural smile seen around the eyes and mouth; robust smile: a broad social smile involving the mouth only; weak smile: a weak social smile involving the mouth only; micro smile: a unilateral (one side of the mouth) smile that is brief. 14