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Acknowledgements - Pg. xiii

xiii Acknowledgements e would like to thank some of the many people who have helped us along the way in writing this book. Thanks to the more than 20,000 Gen Yers who have anonymously participated in the various global research projects that gave us the required inspira- tion for this project. We thank the wonderful people at Kogan Page: Helen Kogan, Jon Finch, Liz Barlow, Julia Swales, Cathy Frazer and Ben Glover. Thanks also to project editor Sara Marchington and copy editor Lynda Watson. W Joeri's words of thanks In Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter keeps confronting Alice with the riddle: `Why is a raven like a writer's desk?' Alice sighs and answers: `I think you might do something better with the time than wasting it on asking riddles that have no answer.' I'm very grateful to my partners (Kristof, Steven, Niels,Tim, Christophe, Sam and Filip), my clients and all my colleagues at InSites Consulting for giving me the chance to waste some time at my writer's desk. In these challenging economic times, I should probably have been using it for more profitable occupations. Thanks to my Macbook Pro, no raven feathers have been hurt during the production of this book. I would also like to thank the MTV Networks people for believ- ing in this project from the very first day I spoke to Veerle Colin and Patrick Alders about the idea. Many of MTV's sympathetic global staff have been extremely helpful in supporting and endorsing my work: Emma Norström, Helen Rose, Lisa Cowie, Sebastian Barth, Ralf Osteroth, Emelie Wahlström, Ann Hoeree, Pascale Engelen, Anne-Elise Jardinet, Chenling Zhang, Tina Verpooten, Laura Vogelsang, Menno Wagenaar, Frank Bakker, Lieselotte van der Meer, Tobbias Dettling, Dora Szemadam, and many more.