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Chapter 1 Defining generation Y > Chapter 1 Defining generation Y - Pg. 224

224 Notes 13 Vandyck T. Duizenden doen mee aan urenlang sneeuwballengevecht in Washington DC (Thousands of people participate in endless snowball fight in Washinton DC). De Morgen 8 Feb 2010: 13 14 Rose H. Youthopia. A study of hopes and dreams. London: Viacom Brand Solutions International; Nov 2010 15 Verhaegen B. 18­30 in Belgium and Europe. The New Pragmatics. Belgium: Presentation for VMA; 7 Nov 2006 16 Taylor P, Keeter S. Millennials. A portrait of generation next. Confident. Connected. Open to change [Online]. 24 Feb 2010 [accessed 28 Mar 2010]; Available from: millennials 17 Schupak HT. Teen survey. Courting the next wave of customers. JCK 2008 Mar:106 18 Rand N. The `peace and plenty' generation: understanding teenagers' lives. Advertising & Marketing to Children 2003 Oct­Dec: 45­52 19 Instilling confidence in tweens hinges on parent communication [Online]. 31 Mar 2010 [accessed 1 Apr 2010]; Available from: http://www. on-parent-communication-89586617.html