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Notes > Chapter 2 Developing a brand model for the new consumer - Pg. 228

228 Notes 78 Twenge JM. Generation Me. Why today's young Americans are more confident, assertive, entitled ­ and more miserable than ever before. New York: Free Press; 2006 79 Christensen O. Changing attitudes of European Youth. Advertising & Marketing to Children 2002 Apr­Jun: 19­32 80 Reisenwitz TH, Iyer R. Differences in generation X and generation Y: implications for the organization and marketers. The Marketing Management Journal 2009; 19(2): 91­103 Chapter 2 Developing a brand model for the new consumer 1 Dale R. Tumour in the whale. A collection of modern myths. London: WH Allen; 1978 2 Snowden D, Stienstra J. Stop asking questions. Understanding how consumers make sense of it all. Proceedings of the ESOMAR Congress; 8 Sept 2007; Berlin (Germany)