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04 Researching the market > Country (market) and industry (sector) reports - Pg. 55

reseArChing The MArKeT 55 world rankings for everything from population and economic growth to education and life expectancy. `The world in...' also gives information and projections for the coming year for a number of countries and a number of industries. The latest versions at the time of writing are `Pocket world in figures 2012 edition' and `The world in 2012'. You can also access up-to-date information on the Central Intelligence Agency website, The CIA publish useful summary information on individual countries in their World Factbook in the Library & Reference section of their website. Types of data and reports There are a number of types of published data that can be used to provide you with information relating to markets and industry sectors as well as statistical information on exports and imports of specific types of products for different markets. The main types are described below. Country (market) and industry (sector) reports Before you start your desk research, I should perhaps point out that nomenclature can sometimes be a bit confusing. The descriptions `market reports', `sector reports' and `industry reports' are sometimes used to mean different things by different organizations. Government support organizations tend to separate their reports into `market reports' ­ reports on individual export markets and `sector reports' (or `sector in country' reports) ­ reports on individual industry sectors (usually for just one export market). Many companies that publish commercial reports often use the same term, `market reports', for their reports on a particular market sector, usually in a single country or area. So whereas UKTI would refer to its report on `The aerospace industry in Brazil' as a sector report, the company Euromonitor would refer to its report `Healthfoods in France' as a market report. Similarly, a trade organization such as the British Pump Manufacturers Association may refer to a report entitled `The UK pump industry in 2010' as an industry report.