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sAles proMoTion 143 should be adapted stylistically and perhaps even tonally to make it appropriate for the individual market. If you contact your local trade adviser, you may be able to get the translation produced or at least checked by someone in the local embassy. Another important point is that even with the same language there are differences in the words and grammar used in different countries. Not only is UK English different from US English, Australian English, Indian English and South African English, but there are significant differences between Spanish Spanish and Latin American Spanish and between French French and Canadian French. To be sure, you should get the translation done (or checked) by someone who is a native speaker to your target country. Also remember that European countries use literature in the A4 format, but the USA and a number of other countries use the quarto format. The wrong format will look strange in your target market and will also be difficult to photocopy or store. Product and other literature Once you have appointed a local distributor in your target market and their salespeople are starting to make customer visits, they need to have some support material printed in their own language. This does not need to be all of your sales leaflets and data sheets, but does need to cover key products that they want to discuss with end customers. You need to make the files containing these key sales leaflets and data sheets available to the distributor, so that they can use either their own qualified staff or a local agency to produce versions of these in their own language. presentations Presentations make very effective sales tools. When selling overseas, your sales presentations can be easily modified by your local distribu- tor for use by their own sales force. If the local language is different from yours they can translate the text of the presentations into their own language. Simplicity is important in presentations and you want to make sure that the main features and benefits of your products are clear to see.