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08 Sales promotion > Exhibitions and trade shows - Pg. 145

sAles proMoTion 145 knowledge to make sure that your advertising is tailored to the market, uses the appropriate messages and is in the local language. You may decide that it would be more effective to combine the advertising of your product with your distributor's own advertising programme. example I recently worked for the European Division of a US company manufacturing industrial products. They brought out a new range of industrial vacuum pumps. They were very proud of the advert that they had prepared for the US market. It showed a boxer with cartoon strip-type bubbles for speech and the headline was something like `Kerpow! Our XXX product gives you the old one-two.' They offered me the artwork to use the same advert in the technical press in Europe. I didn't use it. I could imagine the reaction of Dr Muller in Germany. The advert had worked perfectly in the US market, but was just