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11 Moving your goods > Export documentation - Pg. 193

Moving Your goods 193 export documentation When shipping goods overseas they should be accompanied by the correct documentation. If you fail to ensure that all of the documents are correct you may not get paid on time and your customer may not be able to assume ownership of your goods or services. Documentation such as bills of lading, airway bills and letters of credit have common formats that are pretty uniform throughout the world, but some export documentation still varies from country to country around the world. The European Union has made great efforts to ensure that standardized documentation is used throughout the EU, although some of the documentation will vary, depending on whether the goods are being shipped to another EU member state, within the EEA or outside Europe completely. Similarly US documentation has been simplified in recent years, particularly for shipment of goods within NAFTA. We can only give a short summary of key documentation here. This is a complex subject and even though most companies