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01 Individual change > MANAGING CHANGE IN SELF AND OTHERS - Pg. 58

The underpinning theory ______________________________________________________ generate significant understanding of the change process (see for example, Green, 2007b). One group of people will be cautious and careful about change ­ the Thoughtful Realists (those who are introverted sensing types). A second group will generate concepts that represent how things should be ­ the Thoughtful Innovators (introverted intuitives). A third group will have the energy and enthusiasm to get things done ­ the Action-oriented Realists (extraverted sensing). Meanwhile the fourth group ­ the Action-oriented Innovators (extraverted intuitives) ­ will be wanting to move into new areas and soon! (See Table 1.5.) STOP AND THINK! Q 1.10 Use the Myers-Briggs quadrants to identify your reactions to change: · In what ways do you fit the various profiles and in what ways do you differ?