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02 Team change > WHAT IS A GROUP AND WHEN IS IT A TEAM? - Pg. 70

The underpinning theory ______________________________________________________ The chapter aims to enhance understanding of the nature of teams and how they develop, identify how teams perform in change situations, and develop strategies for managing teams through change and change through teams. We open with a discussion around what constitutes a group and what constitutes a team. We will also look at the phenomena of different types of teams: for example, virtual teams, self-organizing teams and project teams. Models of team functioning, change and development will be explored. We look at the various components of teamworking, and at how teams develop and how different types of people combine to make a really effective (or not) team. We take as our basic model Tuckman's (1965) model of team develop- ment to illustrate how teams change over time. This is the forming, storming, norming and performing model. But we will add to it by dif- ferentiating between the task aspects of team development and the