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____________________________________________________________ The change agent In the consulting process you may be asked to perform one of three roles: · The Expert. · The Extra Pair of Hands. · The Collaborative Role. You can perform these either as an internal or external agent, but be aware of the differences. Block (2000) suggests that the two processes you need to always pay attention to are: being as authentic as you can be at all times with the client; and attending directly, in words and actions, to the business of each stage of the consulting process. At each stage of the consulting process you need to ensure you have the necessary Interpersonal, Analytic, Personal and Project man- agement skills. In order to intervene in a client system at an individual, team and organizational level you need to evaluate the culture and tailor your interventions to be either aligned or counter-culture. Frameworks to use may include: · Change Kaleidoscope (Balogun and Hope Hailey, 2004) · Goffee and Jones' Character of the Corporation (1998) · Cameron and Quinn's Competing Values Framework (2011) · The four organizational metaphors (Morgan, 1986) · The change five paradigms (Léon de Caluwé and Hans Vermaak, 2004) Areas of competency and skill for the change agent should include: · organization behaviour; · individual psychology; · group dynamics; 253