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THE IMPACT OF UNCERTAINTY ON OUR WORKING... > New organizational forms and ways of... - Pg. 424

Emerging inquiries ___________________________________________________________ increased political activity, to painful emotions such as hostility, anger and fear, and also increased levels of creativity and enthusiasm. In all the organizations studied there were individuals and groups who were energized and excited about the change ahead. Where people were actively engaged in particular change challenges, there was evidence of creativity and innovation, and individuals were `experimenting with new ways of working and enthusiastically applying their ideas in their work'. These individuals also reported that the challenges they were address- ing were stretching their capabilities and, while they experienced their contexts as `difficult' or `demanding', they were able to point to their own `development and growth'. So it seems that where leaders offer temporary structures, high levels of support, clear short-range goals and some easing of the pressure to deliver business as usual, creativity can flourish and good work gets done.