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03 The Conversation Company > The social media figures - Pg. 61

The Conversation Company 61 The social media figures The figures associated with the use of social media continue to be impressive. An article was recently published that described just one minute of internet use. 46 The minute in question was in June 2011, and it comprised: 48 hours of video material uploaded on YouTube; 100 new Linkedin users; 320 new Twitter users; 1,500 blog posts going `live'; 6,000 photos uploaded on Flickr; 13,000 iPhone applications downloaded; 98,000 tweets sent; 370,000 people telephoned on Skype; 500,000 comments made on Facebook updates; 700,000 Facebook updates; 700,000 search enquiries on Google; 1,168,000 e-mails sent. C a s e s T u dY twitter predicts stock market trends with 86.7 per cent accuracy You don't believe that social media are a mirror on society? What do you think, then, of these figures? On the basis of the emotionality of Twitter updates, specialists can predict movements in the Dow Jones index with an accuracy rate of 86.7 per cent. 47 If the emotions on Twitter are negative, the market index will fall three days later. That is the simple but impressive conclusion of a research survey carried out by the Bloomington University of Indiana. Apparently, there is a strong correlation between the emotionality on Twitter and the emotionality of the population as a whole. These feelings are then reflected in the actions of investors. Using the same principles, the likely success of a film, book or song can be predicted with reasonable accuracy weeks before its actual launch. 48