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05 People are your most important source... > The customer in the boardroom - Pg. 96

96 Culture, People and Social Media young women out into the bars of Amsterdam, to give 1 million hugs to as many of these Heineken fans as they could find (as reported in an article entitled `One million Heineken hugs' published in The Dutch Daily News on 15 February 2011). Porsche went even further. 82 To celebrate its 1 million fans, it stuck the names of 27,000 of these fans to the bodywork of a Porsche GT3 Hybrid. The car was displayed in the Porsche Museum, so that proud fans could rush along to see if their name had been selected. It is a perfect example of how to make maximum use of conversation potential. The customer in the boardroom The Conversation Company goes further than just facilitating the conversations of its employees and its customers. The ultimate goal is to develop a structural collaboration between your company and the market. The positive conversations of your employees and customers