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15 Step 3: The way to full integration a... > Your change process never comes to a... - Pg. 245

Step 3: The Way to Full Integration and the Lever Effect 245 will lead to new positive conversations, in which more staff and customers will be involved. Activating the flywheel effect costs time and effort ­ but it is worth both. The change trajectories in your transformation process can lend a helping hand in this respect. Once the flywheel is turning, it requires little further exertion to keep it going. And this is when you will really start to see the influence on your financial parameters. Your change process never comes to an end Once you have progressed through the three steps of change ­ build- ing up knowledge; implementing pilot projects; and achieving full integration and leverage ­ your company will possess the right assets and the right mentality to behave as a fully fledged Conversation Company. As a reminder, these are the 10 projects that your company must implement to achieve this transformation: Project 1: Build up the required levels of knowledge Project 2: Don't postpone the difficult conversations Project 3: Provide the right infrastructure Project 4: Appoint a conversation manager Project 5: Define pilot projects on the basis of impact and feasibility Project 6: Create a listening culture Project 7: Make the four Cs fully operational Project 8: Search consciously for the lever effect Project 9: Implement agile management Project 10: Work with new success indicators. The change projects and the management of the four Cs are part of a never-ending process. These are all matters at which you will need to work ceaselessly, day after day, month after month, year after year. The Conversation Company is never finished. The world continues to change ­ and you must change with it.