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Introduction > Bringing the customer into the boardroom - Pg. 3

Introduction 3 Every company has unused conversation potential of this kind. Many companies are still excellent at devising creative marketing tools, but by using the power of your staff and your customers in a positive way, you can create an additional conversation lever. Imagine that your staff and your customers could share their satis- fied feelings with the rest of the world. This is like a pot of gold that is available to every company in every sector. The tapping of this unused conversation potential is the reason why you should trans- form your company into a Conversation Company. The philosophy of these modern companies is easy to define: the Conversation Company succeeds in ensuring that every interaction between the company and the customer ends with a positive, high-impact conversation. This is how you find your pot of gold. This sounds obvious ­ and easy. But in this book you will discover that many companies still take decisions that fail to optimize their conversation potential.