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Introduction > Your company almost certainly has unused conversation potential - Pg. 2

2 The Conversation Company one-way flow of information. By applying what I wrote in that book, you can bring your marketing closer to the modern consumer. Helping your marketing department to think and act differently is just the first step. Many companies today also use conversation management to polish up their external image. Unfortunately, mar- keteers sometimes think that a successful Twitter or Facebook page can change their organization. I call this the `checklist' philosophy: just ticking off the boxes for the next `cool' campaign. Making a cool app currently scores big-time with checklist marketeers! However, we all need to take a step further. In order to cater to the needs of the modern consumer, we need to change our entire business philosophy. Who you are as an organization is more important than what you say. A company that invests millions of euros in the market to say that they offer excellent service will only have an impact if it is indeed excellent in providing service of quality. Good service and good products are the things that consumers actually experience. The proof of your marketing claims is to be found (or not) in this experience, and not in the message that you transmit through your