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158 Management Stripped Bare visualize failure, you will find it is a self-fulfilling prophecy as all your demons come to haunt you. Stand well. Stand so that a slip of paper could pass beneath your heel. This will give you good posture and keep your energy levels up. When your body slumps, your energy slumps and you send out all the wrong signals to your audience. Look the part. People will remember you much more than they remember what you say. If you look like a tramp, you will be remembered as a tramp. If you look confident, positive and relaxed then that is how they will see you and that is how they will remember your message. Arrive early. There are always logistical problems: room layout, computer connections, microphones, etc. If you are early, you have time to deal with these problems calmly, and still have time to meet other people as they arrive and to do some last minute preparation. Arrive late and you will be tense and have no time to sort out any last minute hitches.