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Relative scale analysis (benchmarking) > Relative scale analysis (benchmarking) - Pg. 86

86 The Strategic Planning Workbook data, because some industries recycle the same people, the same concepts and the same mistakes. Being no worse than everyone else in an industry that is poor at, say, customer service, is a piece of information that is likely to mislead rather than enlighten. Generic benchmarking Generic benchmarking ­ that is, comparing yourself against world-best organizations that complete the same kind of processes ­ will often bring to the surface some interesting information, and may cause you to funda- mentally re-examine and rethink your processes. The best way to gather generic benchmarking data is to pick a small number of processes that are critical to your organization. Make sure you have good information about their current levels of performance. Approach your own industry bodies, professional associations and any place that looks after pooled data. They will probably have access to `world best' data, or will know where to find it. If that draws a blank, try searching the web for benchmarking organizations (enter `benchmarking' and you will find a list). From these sources you should find either the information that you