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Trap 2: Following conventional thinking > Trap 2: Following conventional thinki... - Pg. 190

190 The Strategic Planning Workbook Trap 2 : following conventional thinking There are plenty of businesses that followed conventional thinking down a path that led to their decline and demise. These businesses have folded, leav- ing shareholders, managers and employees wondering what happened. If a business is in a new situation or it needs to create new opportunities, then marching to the same tune as everyone else may not be a winning formula. Let me give you an example by considering what has happened to the conventional approach to customer service ­ and why this may no longer fully apply. At the same time I will give you some ideas that you can use to develop a sound customer service strategy. At the end of the last century the task was to raise the standard of service. The challenge was to redefine businesses so that all those disenchanted customers who were on the sharp end of employee rudeness and process incompetence were able to get a satisfying outcome. The language was about `delighting customers', `creating stories' and `service excellence'. Businesses that enthusiastically joined the race for superior service are now realizing that high levels of service are very, very expensive. For some businesses the challenge is different. It is now about `delighting customers,