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01 Complaints as opportunities > Levels of customer satisfaction - Pg. 6

6 Complaint Management Excellence empowered to take action to make customers happy. For example, they can send flowers or offer repeat customers upgrades to free overnight or second-day delivery. They can use their own discretion to put things right for customers and retain their loyalty if things go wrong and there are complaints. Zappos recruits new employees on the basis of their ability to do the job and their cultural fit. It has an extensive induction programme for all employees that includes everyone spending four weeks in its contact centre and one week in its warehouse facility. During induction new recruits focus on the corporate culture and behaviours needed to deliver excellent service. Zappos is transparent with its employees, customers and suppliers. The company's extranet, for example, lets vendors see which shoes are selling and how profitably. Rather than spending on advertising, Zappos has relied on word of mouth and social media to help grow the business, confident that the excellent service it provides will generate promoters for the brand. Zappos was sold