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34 Complaint Management Excellence where customer service is a mature industry, and are likely to increase in emerging marketplaces. One of my biggest frustrations where firms are regulated is that complaint handling is often seen as just a regulatory requirement, another area where organizations need to be compliant. People tend to forget that the regula- tions are there to protect the consumer, and that ultimately great complaint handling leads to customer loyalty and retention. For example, in the UK as elsewhere, the financial services industry is regulated. A Key Note report in 2010 entitled Customer Services in Financial Organisations: Market Assessment 2010 revealed that 57 per cent of consumers surveyed felt that financial services providers do not care about their customers. This is in spite of the regulator having set out a policy that all firms need to adhere to called `Treating customers fairly' and DISP (dispute resolution) rules relating to complaints. Regulators will vary by market sector and location. However, if you do work in a regulated environment such as telecoms, utilities or financial