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02 Encouraging dissatisfied customers to... > The regulatory environment - Pg. 33

Encouraging Customers to Voice Complaints 33 respond to complaints via social media channels, this preference is likely to change. To demonstrate how impressed customers can be when they make a com- plaint over the internet and it is dealt with speedily, here is a comment on a US blog ( ) from Debbie, a customer of OtterBox: Yesterday evening (Mar 1) I dropped my Blackberry Torch on the carpet in my bedroom. As I felt my phone drop I wasn't particularly worried because I encased my precious Blackberry in an Otterbox. This commuter series Otter Box caresses my Blackberry in silicone rubber and then covers that with some sort of impact resistant plastic; so dropping the Torch is usually no big deal. However, last night when my phone dropped on the carpet ­ and came out safe and sound ­ part of the Otter broke and came off of my Torch. Imagine my surprise that this happened on a carpet! As I had bought this Otter at Costco, I figured I would just take it back and whine... but I bought it in October of 2010. Costco has a 90-day return policy. I went to and found that Otter offers a one-year warranty. As it was 10:27 pm (note the time) I sent an e-mail to customer service, not expecting a reply for a day or two. Imagine my surprise when I received a very nice e-mail from Amanda at 10:29 pm expressing her disappointment that I wasn't totally happy with their product. She offered to send me replacement if I sent her the color of the case, my contact information and a phone number with which to reach me. I immediately replied to Amanda which went out at 10:34 pm and at 10:40 pm she replied that the order for my replacement had been placed! I received an e-mail from OtterBox at 10:39 pm indicating that my order had been placed and was being processed. Imagine, in a little more than 10 minutes my broken OtterBox had gone from a inquiry to customer service all the way to a complete no-charge replacement with minimal effort on my part! the regulatory environment The complaint-management environment is increasingly affected by legislation and sector regulations. Be mindful therefore of the regulatory environment in which you operate. Across the globe as customer em- powerment increases, governments have put in place regulators to ensure that customers are being treated fairly. These are prevalent in marketplaces