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03 What people look for when they complain > Call the customer - Pg. 39

What People Look for When they Complain 39 the business may not investigate the complaint thoroughly and therefore may not arrive at a fair outcome for the customer. I know of at least one company that adopted this approach, only for the industry regulator to tell them to re-open their cases because the resolutions they had proposed to their customers could not be supported with evidence. Call the customer One of the key learning points for managing complaints, therefore, is to manage the customer's expectation of how long the complaint will take to resolve. When I called my bank and was told that the complaint would be remedied that day I expected this to happen, and when it did not I was disappointed. Best-practice organizations make speedy contact with the customer by phone as soon as they receive a complaint. In fact research shows that 70 per cent of customers would like to be contacted by phone, whatever