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03 What people look for when they complain > Key learning points - Pg. 50

50 Complaint Management Excellence time the pizza is free. In Canada a major food retailer has a service guarantee policy around the accuracy of its checkout scanners. If the customer finds that the price at the checkout is higher than the price shown for the product on the shelf, the customer gets the product for free, up to a $10 limit. If the product is over this price, the customer gets a $10 discount. This service guarantee stimulates staff to ensure that the prices are accurate. It also sends a strong promise to customers that the store is honest. There is some evidence that offering this type of guarantee builds consumer confidence and helps prevent complaints. For example, Whitbread Travel Inn, which was the market leader in budget hotels, launched their 100 per cent Good Night satisfaction guarantee (or your money back) across the brand in 2001. For the 18 months that the campaign ran, the organization saw a marked decrease in complaints. Key learning points