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10 Creating an environment that promotes... > Adopt a tailored approach - Pg. 154

154 Complaint Management Excellence The need for power. People want to control their destiny. They don't want to feel powerless in the face of external forces shaping their lives. With fewer top-down control organizations, more and more employees are demanding their freedom back. The need for affiliation. People are social creatures. They like to interact and socialize with one another, although the degree of sociability will vary. Social support and helping relationships are among the many benefits provided by work. The need for competence. This is the core of self-esteem. People welcome opportunities to feel more competent. Work can provide these opportunities. The need for achievement. It is important for us to succeed at something. Under the right conditions, employees will be willing to work hard and overcome obstacles to achieve a goal. The need for recognition. People want to feel appreciated by others and be positively recognized for their efforts. Recognition is a powerful force that can unleash energy and motivation.