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74 Precision Marketing To listen to its customers, Jelly Belly looked at: customer click-through data; search terms that customers used; site-navigation data; cart-abandonment activity; purchase history. Each bit of data gives Jelly Belly some indication of what's turning the customer on, what's turning the customer off and what the customer is really looking for. Jelly Belly used this data both to improve the individual- ization of e-mail messages and to create a MyBuys intelligent product recommendation system. People who love flavours such as liquorice or buttered popcorn, for example, would see more of what they like in their e-mail alerts and web pages during search and navigation. 14 Jelly Belly got sweet results from better use of the data. Specifically, it saw a 33 per cent lift in on-site conversions. In addition, 18 per cent of users acted on the personal product recommendations, and customers