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16 Loss control > Damage limitation - Pg. 175

Loss Control 175 Damage limitation Damage limitation in relation to fire hazards is well established. Although sprinkler systems are often considered to be a loss-prevention measure, they are in fact the major control measure for ensuring that only limited damage occurs when a fire breaks out. Other damage limitation factors related to fire include the use of fire segregation within buildings, the use of fire shutters and well-rehearsed arrange- ments in place to remove, segregate or otherwise protect valuable items. After the fire at Windsor Castle in 1992, arrangements were quickly put in place for valuable artwork to be removed from areas of the castle that had not (up to that time) been affected by the fire. Accidents at work still occur, despite the considerable attention paid to health and safety standards and other loss-prevention activities. Provision of adequate first aid arrangements is an obvious damage-limitation activity and suitable first aid facilities are provided by most organizations. For some high-risk factory occupancies, medical facilities are provided on site. In some cases, these medical facilities will include specialist treatment facilities related to the particular hazards on site. An example is the provision of cyanide antidotes in factories where chromium plating activities take place using cyanide plating solutions. A simpler example is the provision of emergency eye wash bottles in locations where hazardous chemicals are handled.