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18 Business continuity planning > Business continuity standards - Pg. 189

Business Continuity Planning 189 f I g u r E 18.1 Level of service Disaster recovery timeline and costs Major incident at point of time A Increased cost of operation Cost of operation Full recovery from this point Time A A B C D B C D Major incident, such as a fire or long-term power cut Limited emergency operations commenced at a back- up site, as planned by the disaster recovery plan Start-up of operations at an alternative emergency site, but the back-up site operations are disrupted Full recovery from this point Business continuity standards The British Standards Institute has published a standard on business continuity man- agement (BCM). This is BS 25999 Part 1 `Code of Practice ­ Business continuity management: 2006' and it provides a widely accepted overview of the key com- ponents of BCP. The standard identifies a BCP lifecycle that has the following five components: