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6 Part 1 the Practice of Human resource Management the philosophy of human resource management The following explanation of HRM philosophy was made by Legge (1989: 25) whose analysis of a number of HRM models identified the following common themes: That human resource policies should be integrated with strategic business planning and used to reinforce an appropriate (or change an inappropriate) organizational culture, that human resources are valuable and a source of competitive advantage, that they may be tapped most effectively by mutually consistent policies that promote commitment and which, as a consequence, foster a willingness in employees to act flexibly in the interests of the `adaptive organization's' pursuit of excellence. Source review From control to commitment ­ Walton ( 1985 : 77 ) Workers respond best ­ and most creatively ­ not when they are tightly controlled by management, placed in narrowly defined jobs and treated as an unwelcome necessity, but, instead, when they are given broader responsibilities, encouraged to contribute and helped to take satisfaction in their work. It should come as no surprise that eliciting commitment ­ and providing the environment in which it can flourish ­ pays tangible dividends for the individual and for the company. Storey (2001: 7) noted that: the beliefs of HRM included the assumptions The traditional concept of organizational commit- ment resembles the more recent notion of organiza-