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04 HRM and performance > High-performance work systems - Pg. 54

54 Part 1 the Practice of Human resource Management Capacities of people are developed through learning at all levels to support performance improvement and they are provided with opportunities to make full use of their skills and abilities. A pool of talent ensures a continuous supply of high performers in key roles. People are valued and rewarded according to their contribution. People are involved in developing high- performance practices. There is a climate of trust and teamwork, aimed at delivering a distinctive service to the customer. A clear line of sight exists between the strategic aims of the organization and those of its departments and its staff at all levels. or components of such a system. In spite of this problem of definition, an attempt to describe the basic components of an HPWS was made by Shih et al (2005) as follows: Job infrastructure ­ workplace arrangements that equip workers with the proper abilities to do their jobs, provide them with the means to do their jobs, and give them the motivation to do their jobs. These practices must be combined to produce their proper effects. Training programmes to enhance employee skills ­ investment in increasing employee skills, knowledge and ability. Information sharing and worker involvement mechanisms ­ to understand the available alternatives and make correct decisions. Reward and promotion opportunities that provide motivation ­ to encourage skilled employees to engage in effective discretionary decision making in a variety of environmental contingencies.